Alan admitted that part of the problem was his worry about what other people might think if they knew he was gay. If he went out to dinner, he didn’t feel people were staring if he went with a male coworker, but he admitted feeling that if he and Matthew went to dinner, everyone would know they were gay—much to his embarrassment.

Countless articles and interviews analyzed Eminem’s lyrics to “Cleaning out my Closet,” focusing on how his anger at his mother has become generalized to hate for all women. But what about his mother in real life? What kind of woman was she toward her children and her son?

Because I usually put on a happy face, nobody seemed aware or showed concern that I had this constant drag pulling me down. I subconsciously thought that if I acted normal, I might feel normal. I knew something was wrong, but I felt that I couldn’t describe it to anybody without them telling me to just get over it. I do remember my husband giving me pep talks from time to time, but the way I felt just wasn’t pronounced enough to seek professional help, or so I thought.

8. First Sexual Experience: Sometimes heterosexual males experiment with other males sexually, usually in adolescence and/or young adulthood (up to age 25) for the experience and curiosity.

After two minutes, roll your right shoulder to the front, followed by the left, right and back. The Fifth Chakra or Vishudda can be both inspiring and detrimental to anyone, depending on how responsible you are in doing it. Kundalini Shakti, a traditional yoga expert, had the ability in sharing his profound influences bestowed upon the Vishudda. However, Shakti's influence was found inappropriate among some political and religious leaders. His influential knack in pioneering the Vishudda can be easily scrutinized by false messengers, prophets and leaders. Contemporary gurus and yoga masters are using the Vishudda to clear their "Supreme Consciousness".

In their decision on the marriage case, the State Supreme Court found that by its very nature, limiting marriage to that between a man and a woman is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

If you had a strong religious upbringing then the philosophy of that religion will have entered into your subconscious mind to be mixed into and somehow reconciled with the other philosophical influences.

Thanks again for your wonderful article. Is it possibly the begining of a new book? If so, please include the gay aspect of generational-gap relationships.